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Courses  Offered






Piping CAD using CADWorx Plant       

Length:  Approximately 10 Weeks

Cost:  $1250.00

Pipe Drafting (CAD) is taught here using AutoCAD and also a program called CADWorx/Pipe and CADWorx/P&ID.  CADWorx is a software system that is commonly used in the industry, and is a good example of an add-on to generic AutoCAD.  Most engineering firms who do piping design use an add-on like CADWorx to speed up their work.   By having access to such an excellent program like CADWorx, the students are taught how piping CAD is done in the industry.  All the regular AutoCAD commands are still used, there are just some special tools added to speed up placing the piping components (elbows, valves, etc.) more automatically.  The system will also generate full Bills of Materials, calculate centers of gravity, generate automatic isometric drawings, etc.  

In 2008, Anthony Horn authored the "CADWorx Video Training Course" for COADE, the makers of CADWorx plant design software.  This course is now used in their worldwide dealer channel for certified CADWorx (piping software) training.  We use the same materials here at the school, so students taking this course get the same training as professional designers in the industry.  This is the only school in the region offering this level of industry training.

Our training includes P&ID (Piping and Instrument Diagram) drafting, as well as normal pipe drafting.  The pipe drafting course includes 2D drafting, bill of materials, isometric drawings, and extensive training in 3D modeling.   When we do the 3D models, we make extensive use of advanced AutoCAD features, including Layouts, Viewports, and Clipping in 3D.                                                                    


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Course Outline

Lesson 1:    Using CADWorx to create a piping line with various components, annotate, and generate a Bill of Materials

Lesson 2:    3D modeling in vertical - adding drains

Lesson 3:    Generating an Isogen Isometric

Lesson 4:    3D modeling - more advanced models.  Using clipped views in Paper Space, and annotating on the paper

Lesson5      Advanced 3D modeling

Lesson 6:    Miscellaneous topics:  custom components, databases, model organization, cable trays, sheet sets, etc.

Lesson 7:    Advanced 3D Modeling problem